Thursday, May 15, 2008


Watches are more than just style these days. With atomic clocks and cell-phone wristwatches pushing the boundaries of timepiece technology, other innovators have more humanitarian interests at heart.

Gervan Lubbe, an inventor in South Africa, has produced a wristwatch that helps prevent malaria by providing a diagnosis so quick that it can detect the presence of malaria-causing parasites before its wearer even feels sick.

Lubbe maintains that his detection system can identify the disease early enough to reduce the malaria death-rate to virtually zero among those wearing the watch. Upon detection, the wristwatch displays a digital picture of a mosquito and tells its wearer to take three pills that kills off the disease within 48 hours.

The cost-effectives of the plan could be a problem, but the inventor maintains that the cost of the watch is far cheaper than the cost of treating malaria victims.

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Heidi said...

This is absolute nonsense! The guy is a fraud. He has conned plenty of invenstors (many of them pensioners) to invest in his bogus scheme.