Friday, March 9, 2007

Concord Luxury Watches -

Early in the 1900's in Bienne, Switzerland, two young watchmakers sought to create timepieces of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship and movements that would permit a freedom of case design. By 1915, Their genius with precious metals and gems produced the first "private label" luxury watches. Over the years, Concord Watches, once prized as the official gift of U.S. Presidents to Heads-of-State, have become the timepiece to mark life's momentous occasions.

Concord Luxury Watches

As a luxury watchmaker, Concord takes pride in each timepiece before and after it is sold.Our goal is to provide you with prompt information and answer all questions and needs. Our After-Sales Service section will tell you everything you need to know about caring for your Concord Watch, including how and where to get your timepiece serviced. If you'd like to see our latest brochure or wish to contact us, we welcome hearing from you. 1877-TheWatch

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Concord craftsmanship and ingenuity are spectacularly exhibited in the Haute Horlogerie timepieces that represent the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. One of a kind (purchased by distinguished collectors), these hand-crafted mechanical movements are a triumph of precision engineering. They are indicative of the care and pride crafted into every Concord Watch.

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