Monday, December 6, 2010

Fortis Hits THE WATCHERY and Sets Sight on Mars

647.28.13.L.13 B-42 Black Mars 500 Black Dial leather Men's Watch 647-28-13-L-13

Fortis Watches are bold time tellers surrounded by an air of adventure - an adventure into space. Fortis is looking to the future when one day man will voyage to the Red Planet and discover a world beyond the scope of our wildest imagination. Fortis Watches are preparing for the day when man will step onto Mars. An unprecedented expedition is currently underway in a Research facility near Moscow. The objective is to simulate the voyage to the Red Planet. The expedition is called Mars 500, which entails 520 days of complete isolation in an artificial habitat constructed according the the real dimensions of the actual space ship. In addition, the facility contains storage rooms, a green house, lab and a stimulation of the surface of Mars.
This experiment is a joined effort with the European Space Agency ESA and the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS.
Fortis is the official supplier of timepieces for MARS 500. The crew members are given a MARS 500 timepiece as their official timekeeper of this mission. Since the 1990's, Fortis automatic timepieces have proved their reliability in weightlessness by accompanying many astronauts on space missions. As the hatchway of Project MARS 500 closes, and the crew is locked from the outside world in complete isolation, a Fortis automatic timepiece tracks the time with extreme reliability and precision. To commemorate this monumental project, Fortis has issued a limited edition of 2012 FORTIS B-42 BLACK MARS 500 watches.

Purchase your FORTIS B-42 BLACK MARS 500 and be part of history in the making.

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