Friday, November 26, 2010

A Watch is the Ultimate Gift for the Holidays

Tired of giving gadgets purchased from late night infomercials? Or what about that reindeer sweater complete with a matching reindeer hat and reindeer gloves. Are you tired of not knowing what to give?

I have come to solve your gift giving dilemmas and not a moment to soon. The best gift you can possibly give for the holidays is a watch. If you give a watch, you will no longer have to endure embarrassing moments of explaining its use to a sea of raised eyebrows. No one will turn your gift over wondering politely of its use. A watch is a watch.

Giving a watch has the remarkable versatility in that its basic function of telling time does not change with its worth. One can purchase a watch for ten dollars and one can purchase a watch for one million dollars. Of course the quality of craftsmanship, materials and complexity as well as its longevity increases with an increase in price. A ten dollar watch may only last a couple of months where as a one million dollar watch will last many lifetimes. The amount you spend on a watch depends entirely on what you can afford and to whom you are giving it too. If you earn a couple of million dollars a year and are soon to be wed, it is very unwise to present your fiance with a ten dollar watch; however, if you are a lower tax bracket and wish to buy your 6 year old niece her first watch, then presenting her with a watch worth a million dollars would be very unwise indeed. Both watches track the time, the ten dollar watch probably utilizing a quartz movements with minimal parts whereas the one million dollar watch may have an automatic movement with complications such as perpetual calender, tourbillon and minute repeater with hundreds of parts, but they do both track the time. Of course I have used quite extreme examples, but I just wanted to describe the absolute versatility of the watch. There are very few objects in the world which has the advantage of absolute function (such as tracking the time) with such an immense budget range. Thus whether you have or have not, a watch is an excellent gift to give.

Another excellent advantage of a watch is one does not have to be "into" watches to appreciate a watch. One just has to be "into" managing ones time which is a day to day necessity.

Now that I have explained the absolute gift, there are a few “watch gift giving” pointers I would like to share. First, one must have some general idea of the style and personality of the receiver. A sporty guy would love a sporty watch, such as a Ebel 911 or a Tag Heuer Carrera. A person who hates unnecessary clutter in his environment or on his person would greatly appreciate a Movado Museum Watch. All that is displayed on the Movado's dial is a round dot at the 12 'o'clock and two hands, otherwise the dial is quite unblemished. A Cartier for the lovely lady in your life is; a Zenith for the man of your dreams ... there is a watch for everyone.

Look no further ... purchase a watch.

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