Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Luxury Watch is the Perfect Graduation Gift

Standing on the podium donned in a black robe and matching graduation cap, you watch your baby accept her diploma. As much as you try, you simply cannot hold back your tears, as you say to yourself,
"It seemed just yesterday her tiny pink fingers wrapped around my finger in a surprisingly strong grip, and I remember her gurgling up at me. Now just look at her, confident and lovely. Its unbelievable, in just a few short weeks she will be gone off to college to face the world alone." You sigh and then gasp as a sudden thought enters your mind,
"I must get her a parting gift, one she will use everyday and love. A gift so unique and useful, she will never leave home without it. But what can I get her? What will she never get tired of? What will she use everyday?"

The answer is a luxury watch. The perfect graduation gift for the perfect daughter. There are many brands to choose from, each brand unique. Your decision must first involve your target price range. Luxury Watches run from the hundreds to the thousands to the tens of thousands and so on. Next you must decide if your daughter would want either an elegant watch, a sporty watch or a truly unique watch befitting her style. Is she artistic, fun, trendy, practical?

Movado watches are highly prolific available in hundreds of styles and colors. The instantly recognizable museum watch sports the iconic dot at the top of the dial. Check out this Movado Museum Fashion watch depicted to the left. It is stylish and hip and perfect for a party girl. Works well with summer wear and adds intrigue to winter wear, this watch is a dream maker. Very affordable at $437 (45% off the list price) and available at THE WATCHERY. A swiss quartz movement ensures perfect time keeping.

If your kid is the more serious type with her foot on the corporate ladder, then a Movado Juro is an excellent choice. Plain yet elegant, the Movado Juro ensures a lifetime of dedication.

For that really girly girl daughter of yours, Movado has a tremendous number of options. Some with diamonds sure to bring a dimpled smile to her face. The Movado collection watch is a gorgeous piece. Diamonds set into the bezel ring the empty black dial save for the gleaming gold dot at the top and the Gold Tone hour and minute indicator hands. The case and bracelet is exquisitely crafted from polished 14K gold .
The price of the Movado Collection Watch has been reduced to just 50% of the list price. Now available for just $1,798.00. Compute that amount over a lifetime of wear and the saving is quite vast.

Now what to get for that really creative artsy daughter of yours whose hands are always smudged with charcoal or paint and who seems to have stepped right out of the 70's and into the next millennium. Does Movado have a watch for her? Something unique and daring, and seriously creative?
I suggest the highly unique Movado Women's Buleto. The polished stainless steel circle link bracelet is captvating and mysterious. The watch exudes good quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The recessed dial is surrounded by a bold bezel which form the central link of the bracelet. THE WATCHERY Price of $547.00 is a real bargain.

For the elegant one, who never played with dirt even as a toddler, whose face was never dirty even after delicately nibbling at an ice cream sundae, whose clothes looks recently laundered and pressed after an entire day of wear and who is mortified by the idea of charcoal smudges on hands, I suggest the Movado Kara. A luxury Movado Watch so lovely and delicate it reminds one of a newly unfurled rose. The bracelet is a slender band of stainless steel punctuated by identical shimmering diamond lugs. A soft pink metallic dial finishes the look like the perfect note in a Concerto.

If you have something a little different in mind, possibly a blue dial rather than pink, or a gold bracelet in place of steel, or a dial with numbers then THE WATCHERY can help you. Search the WATCHERY and give the perfect Graduation Gift.

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sinosells said...

Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. In some schools they have abolished failing grades; they'll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life.