Monday, July 6, 2009

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Welcome back! I hope you all had a pleasant July 4th, and are ready to begin a work week renewed and refreshed.

On my July 4th weekend, I headed to New York City, Times Square. It was close to midnight, and throngs of people were meandering under dizzying artificial light. The place was buzzing with color and sounds. As I was weaving my way in and out of groups of people, time and time again, I was confronted by flat plastic briefcases that would open an inch and then shut with a resounding clap.
"Rolex! Rolex! Rolex!,"
It seemed Time Square was flooded with Rolexes.
I crossed the street against the light, while the distant call from a NYC Police Officer drifted in my direction, "Don't jaywalk!"

Mmm! Well that was a first for me! I always jaywalk and never been told off.
Another briefcase yawned in front of me. I could see rows and rows of crudely cut replica' watches and then in an instant the briefcase slammed shut.

"Come you want Rolex! Very cheap! Real Rolex!" I looked at the eager owner of the briefcase.
"No! I sighed, I don't want a Rolex."
"You don't like," he said confused, and then jangled a fist full of watches in front of my face. You want Movado, I got Movado."
He then swung a fake Cartier tank before me, possibly hoping to hypnotise me into buying his wares.
"No! I huffed trying to sidestep a group of tourists in tight New York T shirts and khaki shorts posing next to a greenish "Statue of Liberty" person.
"and besides, " I said not really glancing in his direction, "the hands on the watch are not blue,"
"You want blue hands, I got blue hands, but it is very expensive," he said grinning.

'It's okay," I said waving vaguely in the pulsating red aura of Times Square.
On the way home, I sat contemplating the matter of all the fakes. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and a sour taste in my mouth. Here I am on a day to day basis blogging about the fine workings of a luxury watch and the incredible craftsmanship, and in the very heart of New York City, I am confronted with crude replicas. Replica's that carry the names of centuries old company's. Companies that struggled through the harsh economic climate in the 1970's, and survived. Companies that strive to create the best possible product, with exquisite and impeccable movement.
The fight against replica watches is a very real one, as it harms the companies that deserve the credit. (Click here to read more about the detrimental effects of Fake Watches on the Luxury Watch Market and FHH and FHS anti-counterfeiting campaign)

A replica watch is just like a movie set: To an untrained eye, a replica watch may look as good as the real thing, but it is just a cheap copy, fashioned to recreate an image of the real thing. The movement is usually shoddy with inferior materials. The glass is not sapphire crystal, and will scratch. I could go on and on nit picking, but you get the gist.
However, keep in mind when you are thinking of purchasing a replica watch, you are purchasing an inferior empty image of yourself.

There are so may other less expensive alternatives from good companies, like Hamilton, Fossil or Kenneth Cole. Both these companies overcome incredible odds to get where they are today. In addition, THE WATCHERY sells 100% genuine brand name watches with serial numbers for a fraction of the list price. Genuine Cartier Tanks are 25% off; Ebel and Concord up to 80% off; Corum 79% off; Chopard 75% off. Incredible savings, and you still get the craftsmanship that a luxury watch deserves.
Fossil Crystal Stainless Steel Brown Dial Ladies' Watch ES2123 (Inset)

Believe in yourself and buy the best.

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Bylien said...

YES! The best watches are the genuine ones. I'm thinking of buying a Mauboussin Watch as well