Sunday, March 1, 2009

Concord Delirium's are still available at THE WATCHERY

Just because Concord has gone all gaga over its C1's does not mean the older collections are inferior. Over the years I have regularly visited Concord's website, and although I do enjoy marveling at the current C1 collections, I feel a bit uncomfortable that they did away with all their previous collections. However, I am pleased to announce, THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of Concord Watches including the extremely popular Concord Delirium.

It was in 1979, 9 years after Gedalio Grinberg takes over Concord Watch Company SA, Concord unveiled the Concord Delirium 1. The papers went wild, announcing the Delirium 1 as the flattest analog watch ever produced. The watch had a thickness of under 2mm. Delirium 1 became a global trend setter, marking the beginning of elegant thin watches. Yes! I know... trends come and go, but the Concord Delirium is more than a trend, it is a fashion icon and still a fashion statement. I love the Concord Deliriums especially the mechanical versions with complications. I must admit, as I was searching through the vast array of Deliriums in order to select those which I wish to describe, I became enamoured by them all over again. The Concord Men's watches have a characteristic so unlike other timepieces, a kind of sleek edge and a subtle masculinity which commands respect in a quiet unobtrusive manner. Just in case my wordiness has shadowed my point, just gaze at the Concord Delirium Mens' Manual Wind Watch 18K White Gold Black Dial on Black Leather Strap 0311167
and you see what I mean. It has a interesting time display: Jumping hours and traditional dial minutes. The case thickness is 9mm, not as thin as the original 1979 timepiece, but thin enough to ensure a comfortable wear. The watch is mechanical, thus the movement of the watch is crafted to fit within the sleek dimensions of the watch case. The dial is protected with a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal to ensure maximum protection.

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Mike said...

I own a Concord Delirium I that is in good condition. 18k gold with leather strap and gold clasp. Can you give me a ballpark estimate of its value?