Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

In the 4th century the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, identified the heart as being the most important organ of the body and the first to develop. He explained it was a hot dry organ that was the center of vitality in the body. All the other organs were only in existence to cool the heart. In the 12th century, Master Nicolaus described the heart as being the seat of all emotions and feelings. "If indeed from the heart alone rise anger or passion, fear, terror, and sadness; if from it alone spring shame, delight, and joy, why should I say more?" wrote Andreas de Laguna in 1535.
Poets and writers eulogized over the hearts connection to love, and so in time the heart came to symbolize love. The very origination of the heart shape has dimmed through the centuries and we only have left over artifacts to muse over its first appearance; however, wha
t we do know is that it has become the symbol of love. As to the red color, it depicts the color of blood, passion and strong emotion.
Chopard Happy Sport Happy Hearts Ladies' Midsize Watch Stainless Steel Pink MOP Dial with Floating Hearts on Pink Leather Strap 27/8951
Chopard has captured the symbol of love with two exquisite floating hearts. The red heart is comprised of 13 rubies and the white heart, 13 diamonds. As with all the Chopard Happy Collection, the gems glide between two sheets of scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This timepiece is available from THE WATCHERY for 38% off the List Price.Corum Heart Ladies Watch Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Pink Leather Strap 024-183-47-0058-PN96
Corum has taken the heart symbol a step further and fashioned the entire case into a heart. The diamonds on the bezel frame the pink mother-of-pearl dial. The Corum Heart Ladies is 72% off the List Price at THE WATCHERY.

Don't forget this Valentines Day or you might break someones heart.

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