Monday, March 10, 2008

Tag Heuer Night Vision Glasses - Nights are never the same again!

No one can beat Swiss company, Tag Heuer when it comes to incredible designer wear that spells class and luxury. The latest from its stable is the Night Vision glasses, made exclusively for those who are on the road. These glasses correct the low-light short-sightedness that one endures from twilight to sunrise and optimize precision and enhance perception of contrasts to make your night driving more comfortable. The glasses also features “TAG Heuer Reflex-type” flexible temples that are adjustable and fit snugly under helmets. The special ophthalmic lenses are given an anti-reflective treatment to reduce glare and offer more accurate sight. The titanium Night Vision frames are available in both Wide and Panorama, with anti-slip elastomere arms. Whether you are racing on your bike or driving your luxury car, nights are never the same when you wear Tag Heuer Night Vision Glasses.

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