Monday, June 11, 2007

Buying a Watch...?

If you are looking to buy a watch then there are a few things that you need to think about before making that purchase. In this article, we will detail some of the things that are important when buying a watch such as pricing, quality, water-resistance, and other watch buying issues.

Budget, Budget, Budget...
The first thing you should consider is the pricing of the watches that you are considering and your own budgetary constraints. Why even look at a $5000 Rolex if you can't afford it? (OK, so it's fun to just look and dream!) Set your budget realistically and give yourself a range of pricing to work with. Maybe your price range is $100-$200, $700-$800, or maybe the sky is the limit. Give yourself limits and your watch buying experience will be much easier and pleasurable.

Examine the Quality
There's no better industry than the watch industry in examining the fact that the higher the quality, the higher the price tag! Why are some watches much more expensive than others? There are a myriad of reasons which include:
The craftsmanship that goes into the watch while being made. (The movement and parts that makes up the internals of the watch.)
The materials that the watch is made out of. (A gold-plated watch with diamond bezels is going to be more expensive than a stainless steel watch!)
The actual strap or bracelet can be made of many different materials which range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.
The prestige of the watch also can have a large effect on the price of the watch.
Examine the components that make up a watch and make sure that you are buying the highest quality materials that your money can buy.

Form over Function?
Another thing that has to be considered is what function is the watch going to be used in. Obviously common sense is your major guide here; don't buy an elegant dress watch that is jewel-studded and use it in sporting activities! Figure out what you do on a daily basis and buy the watch that fits your lifestyle best. Or, better yet, some people buy watches for different purposes in their life. For example, a person may buy a high fashioned Rolex watch for their nights out on the town or business entertaining and buy a much less expensive durable watch for their everyday use in life. Make sure you buy a watch that fits your lifestyle.

You should also consider the maintenance requirements on any watch that you are considering to buy. In general, mechanical watches should be cleaned and serviced every 3 years by an authorized service center. Quartz watches, which are battery operated, should be fully serviced whenever a battery is replaced every 2 to 6 years depending on the battery type. Remember to always have your watch serviced by an authorized retailer or service center.

Water Resistance
Water resistance is always a concern when buying a watch and there are a few things you should keep in mind when examining this vital element inherent to watches. The first thing to note is that water resistance is measured in "bars" and watches are tested at different levels of bars for varying lengths of time. Obviously, people who are scuba divers or jet pilots can experience much higher levels of pressure than the average person so these occupations need special types of watches for what they do. Here are some guidelines to use when evaluating water resistance:
30m/100 ft - Rain Proof/Shallow Still Water
50m/165 ft - Swimming Activities
100m/330 ft - Light Scuba Diving in shallow waters
Over 100m/330ft - Heavy duty deep water scuba diving

The Extras
Another consideration when buying a watch are the extras that can be included on a watch. Some common extras that watches have are built-in calendars, chronograph (stop watch functionality that is not digital), multiple time zone timekeeping, moon phases, built-in alarm, scuba dive functions, and there are a few others. Determine the features you need and don't need and choose wisely.

Educated Buying Decision
Last of all, do some whole-hearted comparison shopping to make sure that you are getting the best price and the highest quality watch for what you are paying. We Garauntee that on Take a look at our huge selection of luxury watches, and for more information give us a call at 1-866-The-Watch.

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