Monday, May 21, 2007

Baume & Mercier.... THEN and NOW

History of Baume & Mercier For over 75 years, Baume & Mercier has been crafting precision timepieces for those Men and Woman with discriminating tastes. Today, a Baume&Mercier Watch is a sign of success and sophistication. But the Baume and Mercier watch-making dynasty actually had its start in 1830, in the heart of the Swiss Jura Mountains. It was here that two brothers, Louis Victor and Pierre Joseph Celestin Baume, first put their renowned watch-making skills and experience to good use, primarily in the design and manufacture of pocket watches. The Baume brothers formed a family business, known as Freres Baume. This collaboration soon made a name for itself. Beyond the borders of Switzerland, the Baum reputation grew. And in 1851, the Baume Brothers corporation was founded in London.

In 1912, William Baume met watchmaker and jeweler, Paul Mercier, resulting in a successful partnership. On November 26th, 1918, an agreement was signed for the establishment of the Baume and Mercier Company in Geneva. The Baume&Mercier Watches espoused the finest in Swiss tradition, elegance and craftsmanship. The very careful and regimented Baume and the free-spirited, passionate Mercier greatly complemented each other, resulting in high levels of mechanical precision. 1920 stands out as the start of the long-standing relationship between womens desires and Baume & Mercier. That year saw the creation of the first Baume and Mercier bracelet watches, a true milestone in jewelry watch-making, as well as the Baume Mercier emphasis on men’s and women’s character and design. In fact, so well-regarded were Baume&Mercier watches that in 1921 the Baume Mercier company was awarded the coveted “Poincon de Geneve,” which symbolized the official recognition of flawless quality products. Baum & Mercier Watches continued to reap acclaim and prestigious awards.

Baume&Mercier achieved three hard-fought victories at the Kew Observatory chronometer competitions -- one of most respected accomplishments for a Baume Watch, or any watchmaker. In 1885, three Baum Mercier Watches were featured within the seven best watches selected. 1887 saw a Baume&Mercier split-second chronograph achieve the highest score -- 85.1 points out of 100. And in 1893, a Baume Watch, a keyless chronometer with a tourbillion movement, was awarded an unprecedented score of 91.9 points! Over the next few decades, the Baum and Mercier Watch became synonymous with quality, and the Baume Mercier name grew in prominence and acclaim the world over. In the years following World War II, Baume and Mercier focused on the design and manufacture of conventional men’s watches, ladies jewelry watches, and sports chronographs. 1965 saw new ownership for Baume&Mercier, as well as the prominence of both quartz and electronic tuning fork movements (the Tronosonic). In 1993, the Cartier group became sole owners of Baume and Mercier. And the Baum Mercier name has never once faltered in its design and performance. Rather, a Baum Watch has meant continued success and eye-catching appeal. The artistic appeal of Baume & Mercier is illustrated by the adoption of the Greek letter PHI as the company emblem. For both Men and womens styles, a Baume & Mercier Watch provides a stylish and sophisticated counterbalance to the trials and tribulations of the day.

In 1973, Baume & Mercier Watches were awarded the female-friendly Baden-Baden Golden Rose for their promotion of feminine appeal. In 1999, when Baume&Mercier was purchased by the Richemont Group, an international conglomerate that represents luxury goods. Today, Baume & Mercier Watches is distributed by 220 exclusive retailers worldwide. And, Baume Mercier Watches have gained prominence in cyberspace.

Indeed, is a true Internet destination, as it provides a full selection of Baume&Mercier Watches, including men’s, women’s, and a variety of sporty chronographs. Trends and fads may come and go, but Baum&Mercier Watches never sacrifice mechanical dependability and elegance, And The Watchery is here to provide ito you!!


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